Performing at FUEL and the trip home from Llano...

FUEL was flat out one of the sweetest venues we've played in a LONG time...just how they remodeled the place, the downtown setting, the acoustics, just the whole shebang. Here's a video of "Tear Stained Pillows" at FUEL:

Here's some pictures of us at FUEL:

Here's a video of us covering "Kryptonite" by 3 Doors Down. Our kids love it when we do this can tell Allison and Aubrey hurried to turn the camera on, put their finger over the mic, and moved to the front of the stage. Cracks me up!

Then there's the trip back home. From the Texas shaped Waffle to The Dam Pub (a nice play on the scene from the movie "Vegas Vacation") which is located near some Dam just east of Llano. We had a lot of fun...even Ronald McDonald would say so...


  1. You know Ronald had a blast!!!!

  2. Oh and btw. I had never heard you guys play kryptonite!! it freakin rocked!


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