Beat Detective = Brett Vargason

Part of today's process begins with Brett running a process called "Beat Detective" on the track "You and Me". I don't really grasp the whole concept of why or what is going on, but Brett had to "stretch out" the drums for guitar and bass to be laid ontop of the drums then he "pulls them back in" with Beat Detective. Anyways, here is Brett describing the process:

While in Brett's cave it is important to take a look around and see what he's been involved with:

Meanwhile Tom and Todd are working on guitar tone on "In The Middle":

We did vocals on "I Don't Need You" and Tom worked on some of the vocals on "Everything I Am"...Kaci got caught dancing with Beufford.

Monday afternoon we had the pleasure of meeting some new friends. Toby and Christa Wells from North Carolina. Christa is a songwriter...a dang good one! Natalie Grant has picked up two of Christa's songs: "Held" and "Hope Endures". "Held" went on to gain Christa Songwriter of the Year honors.


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