BGVs (Back Ground Vocals) = an uneventful day

Back ground vocals are such an important piece of giving a song texture. Although they provide so much fullness to a song, they usually aren't glamorous nor are they something anyone would want to be caught singing solo.

Today was the first day of Back ground vocals or BGVs and we won't be showing you much today. Before I show you a video of Kaci and Tom talking through background parts for "Move" I'll give you a quick introduction to the man who manages Zodlounge, the one the only Brian Unger (Bunger for short).

Before we did BGVs we went out to eat (of course!) at Royal Thai in Brentwood:

Before lunch we went over all the songs to determine where we plan on putting BGVs and the ideas we have for those areas. After lunch we did BGVs on "You and Me", "I Don't Need You", and "Move". Here's a small peek at the process...

Studios pop up all over the country...everyone with a computer thinks they can install Garage Band or some other recording software and make a number 1 hit. So it goes without saying that there's a lot of people out there that think they can fill the shoes of Tom Michael, believe me...I sat in the chair and I felt the surge of power...but there can be only one!

Beufford had some fun today, but all-in-all Tom was driving the project with the express interest of keeping everyone at Zod safe and sound:

Tomorrow we are doing BGVs on "In The Middle", "Everything I Am", and "Tear Stained Pillows". After that we'll look over everything really close to make sure we are ready to wrap the project up and cram any changes we may have in.


  1. Tom, I like your third goal of the day....avoiding the swine flu.


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