Dang it all!!! The Production Process

Being a song writer brings a vulnerability. You expose your inner thoughts and emotions and people like it or not so much. Really I expect creative criticism but it sucks when it happens.

Today is the hardest day emotionally by far. I am on cloud nine as I hear about how well written my songs are. But shortly I'm in a frantic state of frustration as my afternoon assignment is to basically rewrite "I Don't Need You". All along I've suspected that the song is mundane, but I've never wanted to admit it to myself. So it really wasn't a shock when the production team told me "it doesn't take me anywhere...really I'd just hit next on the CD player when if it were to come on".

So this afternoon Ryan, Kaci, and I sat down and wrote a new chorus to "I Don't Need You" leaving the old chorus as a proposed "pre chorus". After much deliberation and lunch at Qdoba (yum yum!) I think we have a stronger song. Compared to the other songs we are recording I wouldn't call it a radio cut but who knows, it may graduate when we begin tracking it. The song will still maintain it's killer live show qualities...that much we are certain of!

We've played "I Don't Need You" live for nearly a year now. It's going to be flat out odd to take this new version home to rehearse and roll out. But hey, this is a refining process and that's what a producer does...they tell you the cold hard truth and drive you to be better. Thanks Tom!