Experience recording in Nashville with us...well, kinda!

Thursday, April 23rd Kaci, Ryan McClintock (our lead guitarist), and I will step off the plane in Nashville, TN and head to Brentwood to hit the recording studio. We will be heading to beautiful Brentwood, TN to record at Zodlounge Music Productions April 23rd to May 2nd. This trip we will be recording 6 more songs to finish up the much anticipated debut album for NEELY.

Of course being in "Music City" we are going to have all kinds of other meetings, excursions, and fun times so check in often and catch our newest entries filled with pictures and videos.

The hope is that you'll get to experience the recording process along side us and you'll also see that we are representing y'all well!

Thanks SO much for all your support! It's because of you that our wildest dreams are coming true!

Jeremy & Kaci


  1. Hey guys!! We are excited for you and pray that the Lord blesses this project!!

    Ana - VOTR

  2. That's AWESOME. :)
    I hope it's everything you dream it to be.


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