Getting ready to fire up the vocals

Last night we settled in at our friends house (his band The Rust is awesome by the way)and went out to eat at some little Mexican Restaurant. In typical Nashvile fashion we found ourselves sitting at the table next to the lead guitarist for the band Skillet. Stinking awesome. Started off the morning bright and early at Panera in Brentwood meeting with a Manager\Booking Agent by the name of TJ Rogers (after I dropped Ryan off at Zodlounge for some guitar tracking). We had a great discussion and TJ is interested with working with NEELY. We're going to meet a few more times while we are here just to feel each other out some more. This morning Tom is putting down some bass tracks getting the song in enough form to put some vocal tracks down this afternoon. Here's a video of Tom putting some tracks down on a brand new song called "You and Me".

And another video of Tom doing Bass tracks:

And then the gag reel's the original "morning report":

And there was some funny business going on with Mr. Todd Shay:


  1. Now that would be an exciting dinner, right there.

  2. haha oh my geeze these are funny :D


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