The good, the bad, the ugly - the making of a song

We obviously hit the ground running today. Below we are going to give you a taste of what we've been through today. First we kicked things off with a production meeting for a new song Ryan and I wrote for Kaci to sing called "Everything I Am". This first video shows how we have a little pow-wow to introduce the song and talk through it to begin to realize the form of the song.

Once everyone has the general direction of the song then we begin searching for the tempo of the song. All the while we continue to be fluid and creative but yet move towards some form for the flow of the song (like verse, chorus, verse 2, chorus, etc.)

When all that is done then we throw down some scratch tracks...tracks that will never see the light of day but will give the drummer a point of reference when putting down the drum track (which is the foundation of the song). Before the drummer puts down his track he makes a sheet like the one shown below to tell him how many measures there are in each part of the song.

Then we find a tempo to set the speed of the song.

After the tempo is set and the drum sheet is made then we begin to "dial in" the drums. Meaning the engineer, Tom, set the levels on each drum because each has a specific microphone picking it up. When the drums are dialed in then Brett will lay down the track. Now remember, Brett just heard this song for the first time ever, we've just came up with the form and the tempo, now he's going to go into the studio and lay down one solid track that will be the foundation of this song...all in one stinking try! That's why this guy toured as a drum tech with Tim McGraw!!!

Check back on the progress of this song tomorrow. Hopefully we'll be at the studio early enough to see Todd Shay doing some guitar tracks. If not we'll definitely watch Tom do double duty as he lays down the bass track. It all builds towards a point where we have enough instrumentation to lay down a good vocal track.