It's just slappy

We got into a time crunch yesterday afternoon and couldn't finish up blogging about the stuff we were doing to "In The Middle". Before we go into that, Kaci and I wanted to say "hello" to our 4 daughters that we had to leave with my Dad and Mom in Missouri.

Back to "In The Middle" start off, here's a peek of me in the vocal booth getting levels on the microphone.

Here's a sample of how the mix is starting to take shape:

Now here's the creepy "can you scream like a cheetah" moment that Tom asked me to do. Don't worry we didn't video the moment just the fruit of our labor.

After recording Jodi and Nick took us downtown and we ate at South Street then went for a walk around downtown. Here's a picture of Kaci and I on the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge:

Here's a little video Kaci made about the Shelby Street Bridge:

OK, I'll post this now and then fill you in on the rest of today in another post...