Melodyne...bending the digital signal

Yep, we're working on a Saturday. This morning Ryan and Todd were tracking guitars on "I Don't Need You" and then Tom came in and began to run the vocals on "You and Me" through a program called Melodyne. What were Kaci and I doing during this time? Running. When you sit around the studio all day and eat all the good food we've been eating...there's gotta be some intense workouts going on to kick start the metabolism! Back on's a video of the Melodyne process:

Here's a sneak peak of a rough mix of "You and Me":

Then we went to eat at Jersey Mike''s an awesome sandwich shop. As you can see in this photo, I'm loving my sandwich.

Here's one I forgot to post from last night. It's of us with Josh Brown:


  1. it sounds freakin good!!!! and btw. you look like a little kid in the picture of you eating Jeremy! just sayin! :D

  2. Sweet song! I can't wait to hear the rest!!!! WAHOOO!


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