Nashville or BUST!

The day is quickly approaching. It's Tuesday, two days before we leave for Nashville, and my heart is racing. Much like the last time we recorded (which "The Zod Archives" were birthed) I feel like I'm on the edge of something bigger than me. In this moment there's a ton of things running through my mind, so many emotions flooding me. Being frozen with fear has never been an option for me in any aspect of my life, so I literally am annoyed when any trace of that thought process enters my mind. Yet the anticipation of it all is welled up within me and feels as if it is going to explode! Last year I rose to the occasion. Can I do that once again? I'm not content with what I did last year anymore. Can I rise above what Kaci and I did on "The Zod Archives"? Only time will tell for sure but I can certainly tell you that what comforts me is this emotional angst\anticipation that is welling up inside of me. Sounds crazy, I know! However, it's how I've always operated and when this churning inside of me picks up I know the next step is the unbelievable.

I know this post is probably a rambling mess, but it's what is going on inside of me. This volcano of emotion and anticipation to step into a place that I was created to be in. Kaci can attest to this, I'll be a wreck until the moment I step foot into Zodlounge Music Production...however, once I cross that threshold I will be in the zone. I will be in a place and a form that only a few will ever know in life...I'll step into the role that I play in this world, the place I was made to be.

Thanks again for taking this journey with us and helping to make our dreams come true! Y'all ROCK!


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