NEELY and Mocha Club team up

Kaci and I are excited to announce that we are partnering with Mocha Club! Who in the world is Mocha Club? Well, we're glad you asked. Mocha Club is an organization that is redefining the coffee break. For the price of two Mochas per month one can sponsor a variety of project on the continent of Africa.

The project NEELY supports is Education. Here's a bit about the Education Project from Mocha Club's website:

"Should where you are born determine your opportunities in life? Starting a child out with a good education can determine a completely new path for his or her life. And with your help, we can achieve our goal of rehabilitation. Different countries have different needs, and we are addressing those needs individually. In Northern Uganda, as the region is coming out of a 20 year war, we are educating former child soldiers, as well as their children. In Zimbabwe, we are covering the school fees for orphans living under the care of the community, for the unbelievably low cost of $2.70 per child."

"In Kibera, Kenya, a slum where over 800,000 people live in an area just over one square mile, we have built schools such as the Calvary Christian School which has taken 400 children from the streets. You will also cover the operating costs of the school, like the teachers' salaries and food for the children. In the Sudan, we are educating children who have escaped the genocide so that they may lead the regrowth of their country. Join us in educating this next generation so that we may reestablish a continent."

If you feel so inclined, join us in this project! For $7 a month you can have a huge impact on the future of Africa. Click here to join our team.