Recording is free, the Zodblend coffee is DANG expensive

Part of the Zod atmosphere is what we all affectionately refer to as "Zodblend". This rare form of coffee is mined in the caves of South Africa and it flat out ROCKS! Mr. Todd Shay is the CCM (Chief Coffee Maker) at Zodlounge. Here's a little bit about the beloved nectar of life:

Todd's nickname is "Dickman" which was birthed in the creative mind of Brett Vargason. Brett also composed a cartoon image of Dickman...

Enough funny stuff...on to "Tear Stained Pillows". Today we put down the bass line, tracked the lead vocal, and then comped and mixed the vocals. Here's the bass line going down:

Kaci is getting ready to rock out on the vocals for "Tear Stained Pillows":

After Tom got the Bass tracks laid down and somewhat mixed, Kaci went into the vocal booth. Tom did have to trade out microphones to help capture the mood of the song and the way Kaci's voice sounds when she sings "Tear Stained Pillows".

Then there's the comping of all the vocal tracks Kaci put down and the initial mixing:

We also got the main vocals for "In The Middle" done today but I'm out of time and will upload some of those videos tomorrow. There's a part that sound stinking COOL in the song but by itself sound flipping hilarious...check it out tomorrow! Peace out!


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