It's a rainy friday afternoon...

Thunderstorms rolled into Tennessee overnight, but it's one of those nice rolling type of storms that make you just want to curl up and take a nap. Not in the cards for us today though. It's another day of BGVs. We knocked out "In The Middle" this morning and then Shawn Sullivan dropped by. Shawn is a road manager (a dang good one). He has worked with tons of artists...anyways, Shawn is a native Kansan so it was cool to make that connection.

There were some comical moments in the vocal area as a group of guys (and Kaci) gathered to do a shouting part on "In The Middle"...we're trying to make it more of an anthem. I'll just let the video do the talking.

Toby and Christa Wells were back in town today to talk to INO Records so we all went out to Five Guys again. Man, they have some amazing food there!

Now we're back in the studio knocking out the BGVs on "Tear Stained Pillows". Then it'll be on to "Everything I Am" and we'll be done with our part. The trip is winding down and things are coming together rather nicely. Next step will be for the guys to add more parts (guitars, synth sounds, etc) then we will review the mixes. Once we are happy with the final mixes it's off to the Mastering Engineer to get all the final tweaking done on the highs, mids, and lows as well as a consistent DB level across all songs that will match other songs being played on the radio.