The last day in Nashville...

We were so busy on the last day at Zodlounge that we really didn't get a good chance to blog. Between wrapping up BGVs and then getting ready for our early morning flight out, it just didn't happen. Then we when we landed in KC we had to run to St. Joseph, MO to pick up our girls...long story short, we were pooped!

Here's one last picture of us at the studio with the guys. These guys have become more than people we do business with, they've become family. We miss Todd, Tom, and Brett dearly!! Shoot, we miss all our Nashville friends. Jodi Cobb and Nick James who always take such good care of us...they're just like the guys at Zod, family. We miss all of you SO much!

From left to right: Kaci, Todd Shay, Brett Vargason, Jeremy, Tom Michael