Friday, May 29th at Cup O' Joy - Green Bay, WI

All I can say about the drive to Green Bay is WOW! It was absolutely beautiful! While driving up US 151 I thought at times I was in the Shire. Of course we didn't get any of those pictures. We did get a snap of Lambeau Field and some good shots from Cup O' Joy.

I'm dissapointed I forgot to do a video blog showing off the cup...the back stage area where the dressing room and green room were stinking nice(A green room is for artists to relax and chill out, kinda feel at home)!! There's a reason for that though. Cup O' Joy hosts some pretty big ticket artists...the cool thing is, they all come for the mystique of playing at "The Cup" and the audience actually chips in to show the love.

Here's a string of photos from Green Bay...

The home of the Green Bay Packers...Lambeau Field.

It was a cool artsy fartsy shot taken by Jordan Lambert so get off my back!

Cup O' Joy has some of the best sound, lighting, and video equipment in the region!

That blur is the lightning quick hands of a studly guitar player...or it's just because the camera didn't handle the lighting so well. Dang it!

We're on the stinking Jumbotron!!! Well I guess it's not exactly Jumbo, but people in the back could watch us on the big screen up in the corner. That's got to count for something doesn't it?!?!

I can't tell if the lighting in this picture helps show there was a lot of people there or if it makes it look like the place is abandoned. Trust me it was a pretty big crowd...we were very impressed with the attendance!

Steve Pipp and his wife Paula were so kind as to open their house to us. All the girls loved Steve and Paula but Emma especially loved her new friend Steve. They played Candy Land, Air Hockey, and all kinds of cool stuff!

The girls found out that if you pump your arm up and down when passing a trucker that most likely they'll honk. With a 15 hour trip from Green Bay to Salina so we can play a show on Sunday, May definitley passes the time! I think they even charted out what drivers honked and what state they were from. If you are a trucker from Indiana and are reading this, lighten up and flipping honk for the kids!!!


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