Sunday, May 31st - Wichita, KS

Once we hit Green Bay our weekend was like one long run on sentence. We played Cup O' Joy Friday night, hit the sack, and up loading bright and early Saturday morning. Steve Pipp got up at the crack of dawn to cook us an Ah-Mazing breakfast...yeah, the Pipp's flat out spoiled us rotten!!! Then we were on the road by 9:15 or so.

I know you'll think we sound like freaks here, but we had a blast in the van on the trip from Green Bay, WI to Salina, KS. The girls were hilarious! Logging what truckers would honk and what state they were from (see the previous post for a picture and more details). We got home at 12:30 AM, unloaded, then loaded up amps, wireless racks, and such for Wichita. Hit the sack at 1:30 AM then wide awake at 5:30 AM...yeah, sometimes life on the road isn't too glamorous. It's always hard work!

Thankfully the promoters of "At The Corner" (The event we played in Wichita) had a trailer for us and after load in\sound check Kaci and I crashed for a bit.

It was HOT...the deck was black and the whole show it felt like my feet were literally cooking in my shoes. Kaci did a fabulous job, but I have to admit I was so exhausted that I was having some pitch problems vocally. I just couldn't control it as much as I like too...of course I'm a perfectionist!

Anyways this picture shows the stage...we were right out in the open. The sound rig flipping rocked (thank you Josh and Andy from Sound Kingdom!!!).

Although there were between 500 - 700 people in attendance, only a few dared to come out in the open near the stage. Everyone else played it safe back in the shade which was well behind the sound tent (note the sound tent was a good 30 - 40 yards from the stage). It was funny because you could tell, even from a distance, that people were grooving and getting into the show...they just weren't going to bake in the heat! We don't blame them one stinking bit either!!!

Sorry it took so long to post all this stuff. Without a constant Internet connection and that precious commodity called "time" we just couldn't really keep up the blog real time. We'll try to do better in the future, but until we have a Road Manager and Techs that do all the leg work...don't count on it!

Thanks for all you do to make two small town kid's dreams come true!!!

Jeremy & Kaci


  1. D'oh, I thought this was coming in June... we were planning to go!


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