Wed the 27th we played Mars Cafe - Des Moines, IA

Don't expect the big Theaters like you've seen in past videos and blogs, this was a small acoustic tour of just Kaci, Jeremy, and his guitar. BUT the venues we played on this tour absolutely ROCKED each in their own individual way. Enter, Mars Cafe right down by Drake University in Des Moines, IA. This place was happening. A combination of Restaurante, Bar, and Coffee Shop...with some cool decor, it was sweet!

The picture was taken while they were closing down so it doesn't look like it's too busy...this video isn't much better as it was near closing time, we had played, tore the equipment down, and eveyone had left...but you can see the cool interior of Mars Cafe.

Outside of the general business of Mars Cafe and the fact that we got lost (Google Maps actually gave us the wrong directions!) we played a tight set and won the crowd over. We found out later that some were checking out our website while we were playing...they came up and said, "Your web store is blank. Do you have any CDs or anything for sale?" That's stinking cool!