KS State Fair - got my Pronto Pup (banquet on a stick)

This past Saturday (Sept 19th) we had the opportunity to play two shows at the Kansas State Fair. We played a full out ROCK show at the Alltel Arena for our first set then went to graze on some of the great food (I got a Pronto Pup and a Roasted Corn) of the State Fair before banging out an acoustic show at the Lake Talbot stage.

It was pretty exciting to see the crowds that came to see us but even moreso it was exciting to see the people filing in once we cranked up each set! Then during a few songs we'd see people whipping out video cameras and cell phones to capture the moment...that was probably one of the greatest compliments we've ever received!

It was a sweet experience and we were complete boneheads and didn't get any video or pictures for you. From what the promoter said though...there will be a next time!