Home shopping for the starving artist and getting mugged at the Bluebird Cafe

We're in Nashville this week looking for homes. Yeah...if you haven't heard yet, we're moving to Music City USA to chase the dream! I pretty much rank looking for places to live right up there with watching grass grow or waiting on paint to dry. So here's a little clip of us driving around the greater Nashville area looking at homes for sale and\or a place to rent.

As is the case with any trip involving NEELY there was some excitement on the home shopping excursion. In an attempt to be one of the lucky few that goes around bragging that we found that one "fixer upper" that was grossly undervalued...well we ended up in some section 8 type apartment area with gang bangers and drug deals all around us. Pretty sure we had "outsiders" written all over us! So what does one do after a long day of home shopping (no not drink ourselves silly, we don't roll like that!) We cruise over to Hilsboro Pike and visit the legendary Bluebird Cafe so we can participate in the Monday Night Open Mic. On our way in we get hit up by a competitor of The Bluebird who later trys to sweet talk us into playing their Open Mic...perhaps later Sir!

That's all the excitement we can handle for the day. Now we're back in the hotel and...oh geesh food network is doing a piece on Taco Bell...well, we gotta make a run for the border!!!