The house and the IBG...oh yeah, no flipping roof either...

So house hunting wasn't exactly going good to say the least. For a late lunch break we stopped by and saw Todd, Tom, and Brett at Zodlounge Music Productions. Jokingly Brett mentions, "ah yeah that house don't have a roof...and it's built on and IBG" (IBG we find later is Brett's abbreviation for Indian Burial Ground).

Why does this story have revelance? Well as we turn on the street to this particular property we find this right on the corner:

Not really a IBG but it got a good stinking laugh! What really got us laughing our butts off was pulling into the property and seeing a big blue tarp over the roof...yeah a flipping big gaping hole! At this point it was getting dark and we were way out in the boonies so before anything else went down we decided we better get back to civilization.

Sad story is...still no home. Upswing is we have some good prospects.