Spring Tour 2010 - first stop Park Hill, MO...and they rocked!

Well to give you a little back story. My job (this is Jeremy typing) dissolved at the end of January 2010. Yeah I was told is was economic and that I had a skill set that would enable me to find work or start my own business...blah, blah, blah. Anyways one good thing came out of it...time. Time to book, time to work on music, time to be with my family, time to do a whole slug of things but what it has given us time to do is something we've never been able to do with consistency...TOUR!!!

So we started off our Spring 2010 Tour at Park Hill High School in Park Hill, MO. You never really know what to expect when strolling into a High School. I mean they can love you or hate you...they can spot a phony a mile away and make them pay dearly for it.

To rack up the nerves just a bit we walked into the auditorium...yeah look at this thing. Yeah we've played bigger venues before but the promoter is also telling us that they are expecting it to be packed and we've already told you about our fear of being able to win the High School crowd. Anyways, we did the usual walking the stage to get familiar with it, make it ours, to own it. All-in-all we were excited to kick off our tour in such a stinking sweet auditorium!

Let me just quickly state, this isn't exactly common and we don't always get to roll like this. So the next thing that happens is the promoter takes us into our dressing room. Yes I said it our own personal dressing room with our own bathroom. Sweetness :) Granted the pictures don't look the greatest because one I took it with my iPhone and I was taking a picture of our reflection in the mirror.

So the absolute coolest part of the evening was when we finally got to meet the audience. Jason Parr, the promoter, introduces us and the crowd goes nuts...yeah that is a GREAT sign!

I wish I would have had my video camera on so you could see and hear that as we walked out on stage. It was pretty stinking sweet! But those crazies at Park Hill did pose for a photo so y'all could see what we see. Right after our first song I asked them if it was cool if we took a picture to post on the Internet...they went nuts...I took that as a yes! So here it is...when we're up there on stage this is what the view looks like from the drivers seat :)

Really from the bottom of our heart...Thank you Park Hill High School! Thanks for taking a chance on us, Thanks for the welcome, Thanks for rocking with us...Thanks for everything! We hope to see y'all again very soon!