Spring Tour is blazin!

With Facebook and Twitter we are getting worse and worse about updating news on this blog\news site. So we're trying to cram a lot of memories into a short paragraph here. Since our last post which was about Park Hill High School (which was consequently our first tour stop) we've had highs and lows but all in all it's been a blast!

So here's a quick run down of what's gone on since Park Hill:
- We rocked Abilene, KS
- Our truck had some issues and we had to take it in...ouch that bill hurt!
- As soon as the truck was fixed we drove to Decorah, IA. Saw some amazing scenery and checked out a Laura Ingalls Wilder museum in Burr Oak, IA. Played Northeast Iowa Community College in Calmar, IA and The Coliseum in Oelwein, IA.
- Drove all the way down to Marlow, OK. Had a blast with Jeremy Witt and Crew!
- Made our way to "the Four Corners" Farmington, NM. The Moore's and the Fine's...some of the most beautiful people in the world! Life long friends for sure!
- Crazy 15 hour drive from Farmington, NM to Kingsland, TX...went through Roswell, NM and definitely saw some "aliens" :)
- Great events in Kingsland, TX...great friends, great food, and stayed with the Thomsens who are more family to us really!
- San Antonio...wow! The Broadfield's are awesome people and their kids are amazing!
- Another grueling 16 hour drive...this time from San Antonio, TX to Omaha, NE
- The very next morning we are up at 6:00AM to get ready for Calvary West Omaha. These people ROCK!! Taught us to play "Ninja"...sweet game that we still play with our kids :) John and Lois...we will definitely be coming back through to visit with y'all!
- That evening a home concert in Elkhorn, NE...sweet, sweet people that opened their home and we had an awesome turnout!

As you can see we've met some great people along the way. It seems every stop is hard to leave because we meet someone new that we connect with. Cool thing is we have "family" all over the country now :)

That's all for now...if you want more pictures and such check us out on Facebook. There's a link to our Facebook page at the bottom of www.neelymusic.com


Jeremy & Kaci