Help us name a song!

It was August 8, 2009. Kaci and I were more nervous than we've ever been performing in front of a crowd...this is where the flashback portion of the movie comes in (yes, I hear a soundtrack in my mind daily!)

Earlier that year Kaci's older sister, Kelli, asked us if we would provide music at her wedding. It was an honor to be asked for sure but there was so much more behind the scenes that made this marriage special. In today's overly sexualized culture these two, David Hamilton and Kelli Boss, waited for one another. To make this an even greater feat...Kelli was 35 years old and Dave was 31 (ish).

It's no secret that Kaci and I were not "pure" when we got married and we were "tolerant' of that fact for, oh, about a week. Yeah it's nothing like on TV or in the movies. Self worth, fighting the shadows of other name's there and it never totally goes away. Interesting thing is that Therapist and Psychologists all over will tell you that sex before marriage is a recipe for emotional disaster in women, men, and for future relationships in general. Off my soap box...I'm just building up for the real story here...

So in light of all this I just felt deep down in my soul that I had to do more than just play some music while everyone enters and Kelli walks down the aisle. I needed to write a song that would honor this special moment! A moment where two people have walked a million miles to come to this place and not just become one but become one on equal ground.

Here it is. We made a scratch recording of the song and put it on our youtube page. Give it a listen, pass it around to honor this awesome moment, and help us name this song. The name of a song completes the piece of us complete this piece of art.

Every little girl dreams of being a Princess. Every young man dreams of being the White Knight. Somewhere along the way a lot of us make choices that take us a million miles from these a point we almost hate to look into the mirror at the real us...let's not allow that cycle to continue.