the million dollar question of the day...

The life of an independent musician always seems to be one of "What should I do". Today hit us with one of those moments as we finally heard back from a legitimate radio promoter that he thinks our single "Everything I Am" would be a good song to take to radio next. Yeah you're probably thinking something along the lines of "Shut up! I wish I had those problems!" But really here's our conundrum: Money doesn't grow on trees...especially as an independent musician. We don't have a "Daddy Warbucks" record label behind us with mountains of cash ready to throw at the next step in the process. Then we have to do we affectively route our tour schedule to maximize any potential radio time? Online marketing? Rallying our fans behind us to help get us played? How do we organize all of this?!?!

Then I took a deep breath and remembered the same God that has gifted us with these amazing gifts and has opened up so many opportunities for us will not play a cosmic prank on us and leave us hanging. So now with a calmer head I begin the logistical planning of how to raise support\sponsorship dollars to fund this push (it costs several thousand to push one song), how to work it in with our regular tour schedule to maximize impact, and how to rally our fans behind us to help us with an online push to the masses...I may not do it right but I'm going to do my best at it!