Nashville Rockstar - Episode 1 released today

After a year of talking about it Kenny Schneider and I finally took the plunge. We had been gathering, story boarding, and bouncing ideas off one another for...well a year...and somewhere in December of 2010 we finally lit a fire under each others rear ends and began working towards getting this webisode off the ground.

What is Nashville Rockstar? Episode 1 will kind of sum that up. Now we understand that it's kind of dry with a lot of talking...but we kind of needed that to figure out how to use the cameras to our liking (still a huge learning curve there) and how to work Final Cut Express to make the episodes come off as smoothly and professionally as possible. Check out Episode 1 below but please NOTE we're having issues trying to figure out how to get the Blog to post it in a size that will display the whole video so you'll probably prefer to go directly to the video by clicking this link:

What would you like to see in an Episode of Nashville Rockstar? We would love to get your feedback and try to make it work! Leave us a comment on our YouTube page at: or on our Facebook Page at:

Have fun with it and dream big...who knows your idea might be an Episode :)