our two cents on the Super Bowl

So it's come and gone again. Another year of fan fare and hype come and gone. Seriously my biggest hope for yesterday's Super Bowl was that the snack foods were good and plentiful for starters, that there was good commercials, and that the entertainment was popping. Last year the commercials just weren't there so I was hoping beyond hope for a round of good entertaining commercials and I don't even remember the entertainment. How did this year rate for me? Thumbs up! We had some homemade Guacamole, chicken wings, spicy pretzels, bacon wrapped weenies, and a few other items that took me to the snack table too many times (Shawn T and Tony Horton would be disappointed!) The commercials were pretty good this year. Being a Star Wars fan the Volkswagen commercial with the young Darth Vader trying to will the force on household objects really stuck with me. And of course I have an opinion on the entertainment :) America the Beautiful was indeed beautiful! And WOW did Christina Aguilera hit the National Anthem out of the park!!! I really appreciate her skill and artistry...don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of her music...wouldn't own it really. But she is talented to no end and what she did with the National Anthem was pure skill and art! What about the game you might ask? Well it was a good game...thought Big Ben might lead his team back in it. Other than agitating the die hard fans I wasn't interested in that part of the evening :)