Win an autographed acoustic Guitar!

I know we said "for more information check our blog" but our contests are so dang easy I don't know what other information we could possibly share.

Because we administer the contest through a Facebook Event you have to have a Facebook account and simply click "I'm Attending" to be entered. If you click "Maybe" or "Not Attending" you are not entered. Pretty easy stuff :)

The contest runs from April 30th to May 30th, 2011. Here's how the give-a-way works:

1.) Head out to and sign up for our email newsletter (for those not already on the list) and receive a free download of "Falling Down".

2.) "Like" us on Facebook ( or "follow" us on Twitter (

3.) Join or attend the "Win an autographed Guitar with NEELY" event on Facebook and invite all your friends to attend. The winner will be chosen from the list of attendees on this event.

If you'd like to help us out further (out of the kindness of your heart) post something about NEELY and a link to our Facebook Page or Website on your Facebook or Twitter pages.

Outside of that...good luck, may the force be with you, or whatever other clever little tag you can think of inserting here :)

Thanks y'all!

Jeremy & Kaci NEELY