Introducing - S'ambrosia

This is the first of a new series of posts. Both Kaci and I are tired of the "me, me, me" side of entertainment business and see that we were caught up in it. Now we want to switch gears and help others who are very talented to be heard by a new audience.  Here goes...


It's interesting how things work out isn't it? I mean we have known S'ambrosia for a better part of 10 years. Not intimately...more of at the acquaintance level. So when I clicked on a link she posted about her new album on last fall I really didn't have much expectation. Boy, was I ever blown out of my chair!!!!

Her album, My Name Your Seal, is absolutely FANTASTIC! While you can get it from Noisetrade for Free, we would ask that you would consider leaving a tip! Why? Well it costs a mint to record and unfortunately she still owes some money to her producer (he was gracious enough to let her "pay it off" as she can). Here is the whole link:

Just to click it up a notch: S'ambrosia is a missionary to Kenya. Yep, this isn't about fame or fortune. Simply a gifted person sharing her music with the world! Not a diva...a humble servant.

Who can't get behind that right?!?!

Now please download the album. Leave her a generous tip. Crank it up!!!


  1. I'm just now seeing this. I didn't even know you posted something about me on top of sending out the email! This is incredibly sweet. Thank you both for all your support. Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming trip to Africa!


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