Press Release: NEELY to release music video for their song Kiss My Grits

Husband-Wife Duo NEELY, Jeremy & Kaci Neely
Nashville, TN - The Husband-Wife duo NEELY, made up of Jeremy and Kaci Neely, have taken the timeless catchphrase "Kiss My Grits" and not only turned it into a "Redneck\White Trash Country\Rock Anthem", according to Jeremy Neely, but on April 28th, 2014 they will release a music video for the song.

"Kiss My Grits is a fun song that people love cause we all 'know that guy' or there's bits and pieces of our lives that we identify in the song! So why not take that vibe and put it into a visual media format?" says Jeremy Neely.

The song released world wide on March 3rd, 2014 and with nothing more than social media buzz found it's way into several radio station playlists world wide and even ended up on Radio Info's Top 50 Country Chart for the week of March 10th.

"We are the underdogs. No Record Label, no Manager, no Agents...just us and our fans out there beating down doors." states Neely.

That sentiment is what Jeremy Neely says sums up the whole spirit behind "Kiss My Grits". "We are who we are. In the end we just make honest and excellent music. It may be a bit more Country today and tomorrow it may have a more Rock edge. People can take it or leave it."

Forget CMT, GAC, or other music video outlets, NEELY is keeping it grassroots. The video will release April 28th on none other than YouTube. "It just makes sense to us. Who knows when or if some of these 'music video stations' even play music videos anymore! YouTube plays them 24/7 and everyone has access to it regardless of what 'cable package' they have!" exclaims Jeremy Neely.

Jeremy and Kaci Neely are the product of rural communities, Cosby, MO and Bennington, KS, respectively. They travel from coast-to-coast with their four daughters performing full time. For more information about NEELY go to to subscribe to NEELY on YouTube visit