Kiss My Grits merchandise available at!

Our initial offerings of Kiss My Grits merchandise are now available at our store on!!!

 1" Rubber Wristband: Black or Pink with a new roll out of a dual Kiss My Grits - NEELY branding that you'll see on multiple new products coming in the next few months. Very excited to see this line expand more into bumper stickers, camo T-shirts and more. Keep your eyes peeled!

NEELY - Kiss My Grits wristbands

The Kiss My Grits Flag: This logo pretty much took off like wild fire! Here is the original mockup to send off to be printed on the T-Shirts. From there we decided to distress the artwork which made the design pop in a way that made us say "Heck Yeah"!

NEELY - Kiss My Grits flag mock up

Here is what the flag looks like on a T-Shirt. We chose the Next Level brand of T-Shirts because they are a higher quality fabric that is durable, soft, and yet more form fitting than your run of the mill cheap T-Shirts. Our goal is to bring products to the table that we would love to wear ourselves!
NEELY - Kiss My Grits flag shirt

Everyone needs a Kiss My Grits jacket right?!?! With these we decided to go with the heavy duty Jerzee brand. Why? Because they will stand the test of time and you can wear it casually as well as work or play.

NEELY - Kiss My Grits flag zip up, hooded jacket

There's always a package deal that will save you some kind of money. Make sure you check out our online store and fly those Redneck colors!!!

NEELY - Kiss My Grits bundle