Help Landon Nelson get back to the Dominican Republic

As a parent it is a pleasure and a wonder to watch your children grow. Especially when they grow into incredible young adults that make you beam with pride.

The added bonus is the pleasure of watching your children's friends grow into incredible people (which unfortunately is rare).

Enter Landon Nelson. In the past two years we have seen huge changes in Landon's life. I'm talking night and day difference!

So what happened?

Landon went on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic two years ago and within a two week period an immature boy came back a respectable young man.

Yes, the reality of life outside of middle class, suburban America hit Landon right between the eyes but more than that the reality of Jesus Christ became evident to him.

After a return trip to the Dominican Republic last year Landon's desire to continue the relationships he built there and serve those people has become an overwhelming desire of his heart.

Landon is looking to make a third trip to the DR and needs all our help. Here is his blog where you can learn more about Landon, his travels, and his heart:

Here is where you can help financially support Landon's mission trip:

In a society where we are often heard saying "the future of this Country is looking bleak" we now have the opportunity to get behind a young man to do good in this world. In light of that Kaci and I urge you to consider supporting Landon.

Every dollar helps. No amount is too little.

Jeremy & Kaci NEELY