South Africa or BUST!

If you haven't heard the news, we have the opportunity to go to South Africa and play some music and do some ministry work. We are tentatively leaving from Nashville October 28th and returning December 15th.

How did this all happen?

It's a long story (and a cool one!) of how two men, Niel and Gerhard, got the idea to "NEELYfy" South Africa. That whole thing is a story for another post but let's just say they put together a business plan and executed it. The result: Kiss My Grits has been played on KSFM 94.9FM, East Rand Stereo 93.9, and PUK FM 93.6FM. At the time of this post, Niel and Gerhard sent word that Vodacom (South Africa's largest cellular provider) has played our music in all of their stores Nationwide.

What is our goal in this?

Our mission in South Africa is no different than our mission in the United States or anywhere else. We will use our music to build relationships with the intent of introducing people to Jesus Christ.

This effort will be played out by connecting with local Churches and Missions to piggyback events with directly after each event we play. Many of you know that we do not "shove Jesus down people's throats". We simply play our music, share our story, promote our next show(s) at whatever Church\Mission we will be at, and let the Holy Spirit do the rest.

The reality of this "mission trip":

We are not an "A List" band. Therefore we do not have big corporate sponsors nor do we have big shows waiting for us. Our plane tickets alone will cost our family nearly $11,000 (roundtrip).

So our oldest daughters had an idea to raise funds for our "mission trip". They are selling these T-Shirts:


1 Shirt for $20. Each additional Shirt is $15. Plus $5 for shipping (may have to adjust that if you order several but you get the gist).

It will take 100 Shirts to pay for one plane ticket. That's the plane ticket.

If you are interested in supporting us in this endeavor send us an email at: with the subject line "South African Mission Trip" and tell us how many Shirts you would like.

We will need payment upfront so we will reply with more details on payment options. Which are:
- PayPal: we can give you directions on how to send us money via PayPal
- Invoice via Square: we can send you an invoice, via email, to pay with Credit\Debit Card (Square is what we use to accept Credit\Debit Cards at our shows).

If you have further questions or maybe want to help in other ways please contact us at: