2015 - the year of new art (hopefully)

Kaci and I are already beginning to look past this huge fall tour that will take us all the way to Johannesburg, South Africa, to 2015. While our tour schedule was an absolute success in 2014 we absolutely failed you all on one front: releasing new art!

Enter our goal of finding 100 friends\family\fans willing to donate $20 (or more) per month for the entire 2015 calendar year.

Here are the goals we would like to accomplish with that money:

  • Record "Could I Walk Away", "Colorblind", and possibly two other new songs (approximate cost is $2,500 per song by the time we have studio time, musicians, mixing, mastering, etc).
  • Make several new music videos for old and new songs alike (approximately $1,000 - $2,000 per video.)
  • Purchase a condenser mic, a tube amp, small mixer, backdrop, and lighting for a small home video studio. We are hoping to do more live recordings, musician tips, "how to play" videos, etc.
  • Live acoustic music videos. Search "Boyce Avenue" on YouTube and you'll see what we are trying to accomplish.
  • New WordPress website. Yes, I was in the IT field for over a decade and I'm going to farm this out because I simply don't have time. Plus I want someone on it that understands how to effectively tie all our social media together to one point: our website which will now be a blog\social media hub.
While we haven't scratched out all the details yet, we can tell you that we will be sending you exclusive content. Not to mention because those who donate are literally becoming our Record Label we will be sending out emails requesting input on artwork, how the mix sounds, etc. You will basically be amongst a decision making group behind the art that NEELY puts out in 2015 and beyond.

What if we end up raising more than $2,000 per month? Simple. We will make more art! It will simply allow us to have content to release into the 2016 realm. Not to mention we may begin utilizing some of the funds to do some creative marketing to get our music heard by new listeners.

If you would like to donate to this cause (we had to make a Subscribe button as we are not a "non profit:) just select your monthly donation option and click subscribe. This is set up as a 12 month recurring payment. You can opt out anytime by emailing us at: neelymusic@neelymusic.com

Thank you for all your support!

Jeremy & Kaci NEELY

NEELY: 2015 new art initiative