Do you want to become our Record Label? Here's how!

Do you want to become part of our Record Label?

The music industry has and is changing. Kaci and I recognize that. That's why we are trying to look to the future and placing control of musical content right back where it belongs: in the hands of the consumers.

How do we intend to do that? Isn't it expensive to record songs and music videos? Yes, it is VERY expensive!!!

Yet here is how we hope to fund our art while giving you some creative input.

Enter the "2015 new art initiative" subscription service.

In a nutshell: You can purchase a monthly subscription from $20 - $100 (per month) for 12 months. We will send out monthly progress updates and have monthly video conference calls. In addition we will send out rough cuts, mixes, album artwork, music video edits...all for you to review and give input on.

Granted you will be one of many voices but you will have a say in what products are released to the public. Plus you will get copies of those products because you are part of the record team who created it.

Not to mention, you will have the satisfaction that you had a hand in creating excellent new music as well as reshaping the way the music industry operates in the future!

If you are on board and want to be a part of the music Kaci and I make in 2015 then either click "Subscribe" below or go to: and Subscribe right from the front page.

NEELY: 2015 new art initiative

If you have more questions about this Subscription Service please feel free to email us at: neelymusic(at)neelymusic(dot)com

Thank you so much for helping us make excellent music!

Jeremy & Kaci