NEELY: New Art Initiative (Subscription Record Label)

This past year we have had great success with the "New Art Initiative" also known as, the "Subscription Record Label" service.

The folks who have subscribed have allowed us to finish the making of the "Falling Down" music video as well as getting into the studio to begin work on two new songs: "Here With Me" and "Could I Walk Away".

What is this?

In a nutshell: You subscribe to a monthly amount that fits your budget. Those dollars are earmarked specifically for the making of new music or new music videos. You receive monthly updates with the ability to listen to the rough tracks or first edits of the videos and give us feedback to help us make the best music and\or videos possible.

That's why we call it the "Subscription Record Label". Because it puts you in a position to have input into how the music comes out in the end!

If you'd like to be a part of the music making process simply click the button below and subscribe at a level that suits your monthly budge.

Subscription options
Thank you so much for making the dreams of two small town kids come true!

Jeremy & Kaci NEELY