Colorblind (radio edit) to release digitally in May!

It has been six long years in the making. The vision to record a radio version of Colorblind has burned in us and our producers for that long!

During that time we have heard over and over from our friends in radio, "when will you do a 'radio version'? We want to play this song!".

It is a whole separate blog post but radio stations don't generally play acoustic versions as they generally lack the production quality of a fully produced track (our acoustic versions have vocals, it's just the instrumentation is with acoustic instruments).

In 2016 a few folks came along side of us donating funds specifically to get this song recorded in a fully produced manner.

We are excited to announce...

Coming in May, 2017 we will be releasing Colorblind (Radio Edit) to: iTunes, GooglePlay, AmazonMP3, Rhapsody, Deezer, Spotify, Pandora...ok, you get the hint!

Our goal: 1,750 downloads of the Colorblind (Radio Edit) single. After doing the math we have figured that 1,750 downloads will allow us to pay for the recording of our next single.

Here's what it takes, online, for an artist to record a new single:

  • 1,750 downloads from iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon, etc (assuming our cut is $0.70)
  • 457,875 plays on Spotify at $0.00273 per stream
  • 1,623,377 plays on Pandora at $0.00077 per stream
  • 1,250,000 plays on YouTube (assuming the user allows any ads to play through)
The $1,250 that any of those options garners us only pays for studio and engineer\producer. There are additional costs: musicians ($300), mixing ($250), mastering ($100), etc...

Limited Edition EP available for Pre-Order at

We are also releasing a Limited Edition EP to help raise funds for the numerous mission trips we do while out on the road as well as making new music.

It is available for Pre-Order on the web store by clicking here.

Here's a look at the Limited Edition EP cover.

Here is the track list for this Limited Edition EP:

1. Colorblind (Radio Edit)
2. You and Me
3. Everything I Am
4. Complete (Radio Edit)
5. In The Middle

New Colorblind T-Shirts available at

These new Colorblind Shirts, designed by Jordan Wetherbee, are now available on the web store in two colors: Charcoal and Red.

Just click this link to do your shopping:

We are excited to get this new music and these new T-Shirts into your hands!

Thanks again for all you do to keep us rolling down the highway!

Jeremy & Kaci Neely