The "new art initiative" has been a success!

Since we came out with "the New Art Initiative" (also known as, the "Subscription Record Label" service) in 2015, the initiative has been a HUGE help to us!

While we don't have a lot of people actively subscribed to the initiative, those who are have collectively made it possible for us to do the following:

- Very first project completed was to finally reshoot and edit old footage to make the music video for "Falling Down" a reality. This song is my life story as seen through the eyes of the prodigal son and we were so pumped to finally have a visual story to share along with the song! The overall cost for this project was $750 (most music videos start at $2,000 but as stated, we already had a lot of footage).

- The recording of a radio version of Colorblind. Since releasing the acoustic album, Colorblind, in 2011 we have had radio stations all around the world asking us when we would record a version of this song they could play on radio. See, most radio stations do not play acoustic versions of songs. They have a standard of studio quality and acoustic versions just don't live up to that standard. The cost of this project is $2,900.00 (that's studio, engineer, musicians, mixing, mastering, album art, and 1,000 CDs in hand for sale).

That's a grand total of $3,650.00 that we didn't have lying around!

How does the initiative work?

In a nutshell:
- You subscribe to a monthly amount that fits your budget (starting at $10 per month).
- Every month PayPal automatically charges your account.
- We earmark that money specifically for the making of new music, new music videos, and the marketing of that art.
- You receive email updates with the ability to listen to the mixes or first edits of the videos and give us feedback to help us make the best music and\or videos possible. For example, Nate (a subscriber from Texas) gave us some critical feedback on the video for "Falling Down". Also, Dave (Wisconsin) and Chris (England) gave us great feedback on Colorblind mix 1.1 that pointed out a minute detail that my ears missed.

That's why we call it the "Subscription Record Label". Because it puts you in a position to have input into how the music comes out in the end!

How do I become part of the initiative?

- Simply choose one of the monthly options from the dropdown menu below.
- Click Subscribe
- Either login using PayPal or pay using a debit\credit card.

Subscription options

How often do you make new music or a video?
- Again, this money is set aside in a separate account. Once the account hits a level where we can record a song or video we do it.

How long am I subscribed to the initiative?
- The initiative is open ended. You can cancel (via PayPal) at any time. A few folks went a year and others have continued on and are going into their third year.

Outside of our recordings\merchandise, everything that Kaci and I do is by donation (yes, even our concerts). This gives us the freedom to go places other "signed Nashville artists" can't, won't, or aren't allowed to go (yes, labels control the artist THAT much!).

This is why this unique system is a win-win situation:
- Kaci and I are Christians and this is our calling. While yes, we do play in Pubs and other "secular" venues, and our music is played on Country and Rock radio stations, our faith is woven into every song we release. Your subscription is literally supporting "musicianaries".
- A majority of people complain about what is on the radio. Many even go as far as to ask why our music is not on radio and are infuriated by the answer. Here is a chance to make a small difference in the style, quality, and content of music being released.
- Feedback. You not only get to see the process with exclusive behind the scenes access but you also are invited to provide feedback\input on the direction of the projects.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email us via our website:

Thank you so much for allowing us to do what we do and for making the dreams of two small town kids come true!


Jeremy & Kaci NEELY