Colorblind: the story behind the song.

The simple answer to the story behind Colorblind is the people of Lakeshore Christian Church in Antioch, TN.

The longer version started in 2010 right after God had called Kaci and I into full time music ministry and moved our family to Nashville, TN. Once in Nashville we began looking for a Church home that we could be involved in as a family but that was also very active in reaching out to the community.

This led us to Lakeshore Christian Church where God would bless us with a family like we've never had and grow us in ways we never expected.

After months of serving in the Church and the surrounding community we heard Pastor Randy Cordell talk about an author that wrote, “there will always be segregation in the Church. There will always be the white church, the black church, the hispanic church, the asian church...”

Then Pastor Randy said to those in attendance, “I invited that man to come visit Lakeshore Christian Church. Because here there are 17 different nationalities represented. There are folks of all different levels of societal and economic status. Here we see no distinction between young and old, rich and poor, man or woman, or anything else that may divide us. Here we see the life of Jesus lived out in our Church family and our community.”

The life of Jesus lived out in our Church family and community...that's when I realized the One who was truly colorblind was Jesus and the song began to pour out of me.

Lakeshore Christian Church also views NEELY as an official ministry arm of the Church. Sending us out as "musicianaries" around the world.

We couldn't have dreamed of a better place to call home!

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Thank you so much for allowing us to make music and missions our "job"!

Jeremy & Kaci Neely