Thursday the 28th we were in Oelwein, IA - The Coliseum

Thursday, May 28th was by far the shortest leg on the tour and we were heading to Oelwein, IA (pronounced Ol-win as I was told by the locals). The place we were playing was a classic venue called The Coliseum. The Coliseum was under renovation so we basically set the sound system up on the floor and played an "in the round" type of acoustic show with Michael Reed, Adam Humburg, and our good friend Mitch McVicker.

The history is rich at The Coliseum. Oelwein was once the hub of all rail traffic between Minneapolis, St. Louis, and Chicago with a huge engine repair business going in a rail yard that spans the whole length of the town. With times booming, back in the day, The Coliseum hosted big band legends like Lawrence Welk, Bob Wills, and countless others that shaped the music soundscape of that generation.

Here's a few shots from Night of Acoustics at The Coliseum in Oelwein, IA:

Michael Reed rocking "The Foot Song"...yeah it's as weird as it sounds! He's awesome though, we love Michael!

This is Adam Humburg and his lovely wife. She's sitting on the edge of her seat ready to run after the kids!

The not so glamorous truth as to why Kaci isn't in this picture is that Ella Mae pee-pee'd in her pants. Mitch was needing to get on the road, so we took a group picture while Kaci was at the hotel dealing with pissy pants.

This is pretty much the same picture with the promoters of Night of Acoustics (Michael Decher and Justin Herrick).

As the sun was setting Kaci got some really cool pictures of the kids as the sunrays flooded The Colesium. Here's Ella Mae with two of her new friends.