Help get "Move" (Featuring Cash Hollistah.) played on some major ROCK stations!

OK so there are two main Rock radio stations who have the song "Move (Feat. Cash Hollistah.)". If you haven't heard the song it's a rap\rock mixture that, well, moves :) Here's the two stations to is in NM and the other is based out of OH but it is a major Network Station. If we can get played on that station then we will see others follow and add us.

Request "Move (Featuring Cash Hollistah.)" at:

TVU - 866-703-4888 or there may be some contact info at their website:

Albuquerque NM
text "Move by NEELY" to 368674
live 505-338-3700 2pm to 6pm mountain time.

KNRP 100.7
Ogallala\North Platte, NE

Thanks again...y'all simply rock our socks off!

Jeremy & Kaci