Nashville Rockstar Episode 3 is up on YouTube

Life on the road took it's toll on us and it was harder than anticipated for us to release episodes of Nashville Rockstar in a timely fashion. So we do apologize for the amount of time that lapsed between Episode 2 and Episode 3. Who knows maybe we will release another Episode here soon to make up for it!

Episode 3 is about Songwriting. I (Jeremy) had a songwriting session with Adam Wood, staff writer at Rukkus Room Studios, in Nashville, TN. During the video Adam Wood explains how a songwriter gets paid and the breakdown of the major income streams in song writing. Now please understand this is the simplified version. The realm of publishing gets fairly complicated quickly but if one can grasp it, it can be a very good income source.

A highlight that did not get put in this Episode was me getting to meet Josh Kear who co-wrote "Before He Cheats" performed by Carrie Underwood, "Need You Now" performed by Lady Antebellum as well as a slug of other songs performed by tons of big named artists such as Miranda Lambert.

At the end of the video I struggle through the first part of the country song Adam and I wrote together called, "Kiss My Grits".

Here's a link to Nashville Rockstar Episode 3...enjoy!

Jeremy NEELY