Maryland tour takes us on HIstory Field Trip!

It's not a secret that we really stink at keeping our blog updated. By rights this post could even be broken up into several smaller posts but for the sake of getting content up on our blog we're going to post it all. We promise we will try to keep it short and sweet :)

So the party begins in an awesome wine cellar in Laurel, MD where we play our first of 3 concerts:

From Laurel we head to an outdoor concert in Rockville, MD where we are spoiled rotten in this pool:

And when we are done in the pool we get to watch a little TV in their private theater!

Next morning we drove to Gettysburg to see the battlefield:

Then up to Hershey, PA for a visit to Chocolate World!!!

While at the Hershey Factory we put the kids to work:

Then off for one LONG day in Philly...wowsers!

At the Liberty Bell the older girls were flirting with some old dude:

Once we got the girls away from the old dude we actually got to see the Liberty Bell:

Ella (aka - Tater) was consulting the map in Washington Square but Philly isn't that tough of a town to navigate:

After Philly we went down to Sharpsburg, MD to see the Antietam Battlefield...over 20,000 dead from one bloody day of battle!

The "Burnside Bridge" was a major part of the Battle of Antietam (or the Battle of Sharpsburg as the Southerners called it):

Then off to Severn, MD for another show...wouldn't you know it we got to rock another pool :)

The next day we took the Metro to DC for one LONG day!!!

First stop: Smithsonian Museum of Natural History!

Second stop...Washington Monument:

Third stop...Lincoln Memorial:

Then we went to the South Lawn of the White House, the National Archives, and the Air and Space Museum before calling it a day!

At our show in Rockville, MD we met a couple who said, "Don't go into DC to watch the fireworks on the 4th cause it's a hassle! Come to our place and we will watch them from our patio..." So we went to their place and here's the view:

We took all our photos with our iPhone so it doesn't do the fireworks was simply amazing!

Tater was a little tired by this point in our trip:

One more stop before we blaze back to Nashville. Thomas Jefferson's home, Monticello, in Charlottesville, VA:

Then it was back home for us. Yeah I could have broke this up into several different posts but then you wouldn't have experienced how crazy this trip was :) You can see that when we have breaks between shows our girls get some of the most fantastic "home school field trips" ever!!!!

Thanks for helping make the dreams of two small town kids come true...without you guys we wouldn't be able to do this!

Jeremy & Kaci