"Kiss My Grits" releasing 3.3.2014

Granted we don't have the audience of a big named star but within the circuit we've worked this is a pretty highly anticipated release! Finally on March 3rd, 2014 "Kiss My Grits" will be available on iTunes, AmazonMP3.com, GooglePlay, Spotify, Rhapsody, and...well every digital retailer worldwide!!!
In 2011 we began performing the first half of this song, at our shows, as a teaser. OK. If you want the truth...we wanted to test it to see if it was as catchy as we thought it was cause, after all, sometimes artists think way more highly of their art than we should.

The results were...well, amazing! The crowds would immediately taunt us for more. Groaning because they weren't done. While this was good...I was sweating bullets.

See in early 2011 I teamed up with Adam Wood to finish this song. Without him it would still be "in my back pocket" as a good idea to workout someday. Yet when I left the studio, where we worked on "Kiss My Grits" that day, I knew it wasn't right.

When I left the Rukkus Room, where Adam is a staff writer, the song was in 3rd person...imagine "You can kiss his grits"? I was against it but Adam was...adamant. So I let it go knowing I would never leave it that way.

Also the second verse was...how does one say it tactfully...horrible! Yet another reason we were testing the waters with only the first half.

Then in late 2012 I asked a friend of mine, Danny Ray, if he could help me get a solid second verse. I sat down and threw out what I was thinking and he laughed and said, "no need to have me on the writing credits, that verse is solid". Whew, that problem was solved!

Well do you wan to hear it? Here's a link to it via Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/neelymusic/kiss-my-grits-acoustic-1/s-e6yOp

From that point in late 2012 on we've played the full version from Coast-to-Coast. In coffee shops, house concert, in Churches...yes, in Churches. After all the song is about being comfortable with the amazing individual you are, beautifully and wonderfully made, knit together in our Mother's womb by our Creator.

Yes. This song, as with all our songs, are influenced by our faith. It's not a big secret.

And if you don't like it...well, you can Kiss My Grits!

We would love it if you would download the song on March 3rd. Any help promoting or spreading the word that you could provide would be amazing!

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