Press Release! - No Record Label, No Agent, No Problem!

Nashville, TN – There's a new Sheriff in town. Laid waste by the ever evolving landscape of the Internet the Music Industry is seeing the rise of the next generation of artists. The modern musician has declared their Independence

Based in Nashville, TN the Husband-Wife duo NEELY, made up of Jeremy and Kaci Neely, have taken their Independence by the horns and are chasing their dream. And making a living while they are at it.

“We are living in an age where we have the tools at our fingertips to make a decent living making art.” states Jeremy Neely.

With heavy anticipation from “friends” (NEELY can quite swallow the term “fan”) all around the world of their newest single “Kiss My Grits”, which has a Country and Rock flair to it. Jeremy says, “If there's not a market for your music, and it's good, make one! Industry folks have tried to pigeon hole us as Rock, Pop-Rock, Christian, and now Country. That's junk! We are NEELY! Just make excellent art man and people will support it!”

When asked about their mission to create family friendly music: "There's no reason you can't have world class entertainment without the junk!" exclaims Jeremy Neely. "Our focus is to create excellent art that you don't have to worry about your children listening to".

Why go Independent? “I want to make the money from my music, I created it!” says Neely. “If you really study the music business, everyone is getting a cut but the artist! Why not dig in and do a little work and keep that money?”

With two previous World Wide releases, "Everything I Am" (2009) and "Colorblind" (2011), NEELY pushes forward with a new single, “Kiss My Grits”, releasing digitally world wide on March 3rd, 2014 on retailers such as iTunes,, Spotify, GooglePlay, and many others. In April 2014 a music video for "Kiss My Grits" will also be released world wide. From start to finish Jeremy Neely has managed the production of the single and the music video, all the marketing, and the touring to support it.

“Yes it's tough work but I'm making a living making music! Who doesn't dream of that?” replies Neely.

Jeremy and Kaci Neely are the product of rural communities, Cosby, MO and Bennington, KS, respectively. They now reside in Nashville, TN and travel from coast-to-coast with their four daughters performing full time. For more information about NEELY go to