Kiss My Grits available world wide today!!! Here are some links to purchase...

Happy Kiss My Grits Day!!! Wow, we thought this day would NEVER come!

Just a quick Thanks to Adam Wood for helping me finish writing this song, Andy Sheridan for helping produce the demo and getting it "studio ready", Jon King for the great production\engineering of the single, Jesse Triplett for the rockin job on guitar, banjo, dobro, and bass, Tom Dupree III for the solid drums, and Kerry Kernan for the wonderful job Mastering the track. Y'all are talented beyond measure and an incredible blessing!

Goodness...I told myself this wouldn't be a long post. Ha! Just want to get some download links posted for Kiss My Grits:






Thank you in advance for downloading the song. Y'all have been such an amazing encouragement to us!!

Jeremy & Kaci NEELY