Musician Tip: Less is more!

We have been extremely blessed to be able to be full time, professional singer\songwriter\performers. Along the way a lot of people ask us for tips, tricks, and\or advice about music in general. Since I generally only have minutes with people before or after a show I tend to flood them with so much information that I feel like they leave a little overwhelmed.

So I decided to start writing Blog articles about individual tips that I've learned over the years.

When a band or worship team has me come in and consult (yes, I do that. If you are interested email me at: neelymusic at neelymusic dot com) one of the first things I usually have to do is get each individual to back off.

Less is more.

That's right. The best musicians in the business all know the secret are of "when not to play".

We are talking about players that are the best of the best! While their skill merits an ego that has every right to say "look at me shred", they are such good players that they know that by not playing through the whole song will actually bring MORE attention to them AND make the whole band sound better!

The unspoken gift here is actually none other than: humility.

Most of these monster players know they are good but I don't think I've ever heard one here in Nashville pat himself on the back. In fact I generally see these guys deflect praise to another player. Just for the record we are NOT talking false humility here!

So if you really want to help your band stand out (and thus make yourself standout) try playing less or maybe not even playing at all on some parts of the song. You will be very surprised at the results!