Introducing - Balla Dear (aka Patrick Steele)

We meet a lot of amazingly talented artists that are as creative as the day is long. Every once in a while we meet one that is just over the top creative. Not in the annoying sense but in the "I can't get enough of this" sense.

And that's where this guy falls...introducing:
Balla Dear or better known by his "street name", Patrick Steele.

Hailing from San Antonio, TX, Patrick has been a Worship Leader in the Calvary Chapel movement as long as I've known him. He also introduced me to House Concerts before they were ever a blip on my radar.

You know this guy is creative and you at least want to listen to his music when you hear him describe his music as, "Post-Hardcore-Folklore".

OK, I'm hooked!

Then he laughs and rattles off, "Heart-istic Folk, Country Gospel, Balladeer Folk, and..." Dude! Shush, I'm already trying to listen to your music here!

As good as the recordings are, you REALLY want to see this guy live! Yeah he's one of "those guys". You know, the one's that are opposite of the music industry...yeah the one's that are actually better live than they are on their recordings. Novel idea huh?

Here are some links:

As always, we would encourage you to download the music and put a little in the artist's pocket.

After all this isn't just Patrick's art...this is his mission!